Stop Forced Marriages!

Marriage brings colours to your life and makes your life happier. It is a legal topic, not with force and punishment. Please stop forced marriages!

A simple definition for forced marriage is to force someone to get marry. This phenomenon mostly experienced by Afghan girls and boys, whom are the main victims of compulsory marriages in Afghanistan.

Family is the basic pillar for growth of society, whilst, this basic pillar is being built by the marriage of two youngsters - girl and boy, hence boys and girls have the right to get married on their own favor; no one can impede them from their right, even the culture or anything else. Unfortunately, the inappropriate culture in Afghanistan causes unconsent agreement, meantime cause to weak the family and become the main cause of family’s misery in the future. Islam also forbidden forced marriage and considered contrary to Islamic Law; especially, the marriage of an adolescent girl without her consent and underage marriages.

Islam has encouraged its followers and emphasized for this important matter, but limited those cases that harm both side.

In many cases forced marriages pave the ways for violence against women, and as well as this can also be as a way that youth get addicted to narcotics. It can also harm children, because of their parent’s disagreements and argues.

Forced marriages bring different problems to family and to society. This inhumane and unlawful issue forms as exchange of girl to solve the problem between families, underage marriages, exchange of girl for loan settlement and more others.

The people hope from the government, scholars and civil society organizations to search the solution ways to stop force marriages in Afghanistan.


Mohammad Elias Hatimi